Thread: Warning to all computer graphics programmers

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    Exclamation Warning to all computer graphics programmers

    "I'm going outside! The graphics out there are amazing!!!"

    If you find yourself saying this (or even thinking it for that matter), you need to seek help immediately.

    Just a helpful note.
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    I see that you must've got your hands on whatever Silvercord was smoking earlier.
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    pass it

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    one time when I was at work our dish washing machine broke down. as you may or may not know graphics programming is my thing. anyway i was washing dishes completely by hand and i had to take a lot more time on each one to make srue they were clean, and people started $$$$$ing at me and I almost said "Leave me alone I'm trying to render the dishes in software", but I doubt any of the alcoholics there would've got the joke.

    and even if they had they were probably too sober to care
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