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    When you say $30 or $20 or whatever, do you mean for two people or one? Twenty dollars for one person is kinda pricey. Of course, this is me speaking, an 18-year-old broke student who eats out at Applebees and etc. $10 handles a meal well (not counting the other people I'm eating with).

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    A starter and main course with a bottle of wine typically costs us about $80 for the two of us. There are a couple of "buffet", (Turkish mostly - quite nice places actually), type restaurants in Copenhagen which are a bit cheaper, say $50-$60 for two.

    It is very easy to spend $150+ if you start having a dessert, welcome cocktail, end of the evening drink.

    Of course we don't go to the expensive restaurants where you spend $50 on a beautifully decorated plate with 3 peas on it.
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    well here a normal stuff with chineese, North indian tandoori etc would cost one person say Rs 100 thats is around 2$. If i got to a 5 start restaurant the full course for a person might cost around Rs 300 that is around 6$. Some 5 start hotels have a flat buffae price of 500. That is around 10$(we can eat anything from lobsters,chicken varieties, chineese, tandoori's, dessterts, north indian rotis, lebanese dishes etc etc and that too any quantity).

    Food at your places seems quite expensive...

    Oh boy looks like i cannot enjoy Indian dishes when i am in the UK next month without burning a hole in my pocket..

    *Runs to the nearest restaurant*
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    The food over here coasts about 10-15$ per person if you eat at night-evning and about 5-8$ during the day. (Not including drinks)
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    A normal average dinner here costs about EUR 20 to EUR 30.

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    Average dinner with non-alcoholic drinks is about 20-30 EUR ( roughly the same in USD ) for a nice evening. If you want wine, dessert or something it can go up to 50. Really depends on the location. You can have a pizza and coke for 15 as well.

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    A better question might be the 'how many big mac's you can buy with your days wages'. As this would take into account the price and income.

    US$6.50 = Au$10

    Takeaway food (Chinese ect) is approx Au$10 an dish. We usually get one per person (4) + rice and have leftovers for under Au$50. Add Au$15 for a good box (2L) of wine.

    Dinner and drinks for 2 adults and two kids is about Au$80 (inc a bottle of wine) at an average place.

    The produce here is very good and fresh. Better to get fresh food ( crayfish (Au$15), king prawns (Au$20/Kg), fillet steak (Au$20/Kg) or chicken (Au$10/Kg) ) and have a BBQ on the beach. Its winter here and its 27C and sunny.
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