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    4 10.00%
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    12 30.00%
  • Nope, but I probably should...

    3 7.50%
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Thread: Do you wear glasses?

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    I have eyes like a hawk.
    I swear I read in a medical journal that good eyes are caused by eating too many carrots, but that having eyes like a hawk is caused by excessive sex with younger sisters

    and it didnt' mean your friend's younger sisters either

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    My sight was fine until about a couple of years ago when my sight started degenerating fast. Now its impossible for me to read from the chalk board in school, even in the front row. Still havent gotten around to getting glasses though (I take hardly any notes anyways). I guess the myth that carrots help your eyesight is false since I drink alot of carrot juice and still have horrible eyes.
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    Re: ...

    Originally posted by drdroid

    edit: by that I mean masturbation causes blindness not prevents it...
    Try swimming goggles, or looking away at the last moment......
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    I wear glasses, and I can say, computers do not cause your eyes to go bad. In fact, nearsightedness is your lens is too powerful, causing the focus point to be too far ahead of the retina.
    Well computers probably do make your eyes do "bad", the reason short sited-ness is so prevalent among the West is because we all spend most of our time looking at things relatively close to us.

    When studies were done on tribal societies who lived akin to the hunter-gatheres of 10,000 years ago they found virtually no myopia.

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    I have eyes like a hawk.
    then I mustn't have eyes like a hawk... i dun have younger sisters... nice try though.

    Try swimming goggles, or looking away at the last moment......

    i dun know how to respond to that

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    computers do not cause your eyes to go bad.
    No, but according to these results, focusing on close images appears to...I can only conclude that since most people I meet don't wear glasses and only a few of the people on cboard wear contacts, spending a lot of time on the computer increases the risk of vision problems :P
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