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    I think most of the power is back now. I was without power for twenty something hours I believe...

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    i was outof power for almost 24 hours... it was a mess. since it's near the weekend, the freezer is almost empty of things that can be eaten raw or uncooked or without putting in the microwave. so thursday afternoon was mostly spent driving around and trying to find food places that weren't already sold out or closed. couldn;t go too far because the gas tank was half full and there was no pumping stations around. but i consider ppl in my area lucky because we had running water.
    come to think of it, i never thought a blackout could cause so much chaos.
    one thing that ........ed me off the most was not the fact that the power went out, but the fact that the idiots were playing the blame game and complaining.... not that anyone cares, but i have one thing i have to say, $$$$ with it, fix it so it doesn;t happen again and get on with ur damn lives. complaining and blaming is not gonna get u anywhere.

    [edit] thursday night was kinda fun... sure wish the bugs weren't there though
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    oh i'm sorry! i didn;t realize my fist was rushing to meet ur face!

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