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    Yesterday my mom bought the Onkyo HTS760 home audio system, of course with my help at the store. It has the Dolby Digital 6.1 Channel receiver, the newest model, 3 surround sound speakers, 2 front speakers, 1 center speaker, and 1 150 watt subwoofer that comes to a total of 750 watts of total power. It was only $500, too. Here is a link to the system. Sorry for gloating about the system, but I'm just incredibly happy about it. The sound is amazing with it. Ahhh it's so great!

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    Nice setup.

    Tell her to top it off with a nice Plasma screen

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    Now they do have 7.1 surround, I assume thats 3 in the back, 2 front, 2 side, and then a subwoofer but I've been known to be wrong. Sadly I only have 5.1 which is rather depressing since DVDAudio would sound so much better with 6 channels Has anyone tried the Bose headphones? I've been very happy with the speakers and it would be great if the headphones were upto normal Bose quality.
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