Thread: Rock and Pop dont go together!

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    First let me say i listen to some country. You must not listen to enough because it sounds nothing like country.

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    I live in Calgary, Ab. I hear country all the time(yuk!! Not knocking you. It just isn't for me). It isn't country I agree but like I said, it is close enough for me. I hate slow sappy tunes. I like raw aggressive power(which is why I like Slayer and slipnot). The only thing I really find bad about the new CD is that it got old too fast. Now I am kinda sick of it but I still think it was better effort on thier part. Don't forget the fact that Bob did all the bass lines for it but now that they got an awsome bass player in Robert Trujillo
    I think they will get better. I never like Jason but maybe Trujillo will give them the kick in the ass they needed(if he sticks around).
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    Everyone listens to different music and interprets music differently. This is no difference on what Dohojar is comparing the music to. It's simply his opinion, which is all that far fetched, imo, even though, I don't exactly agree with it.

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