Thread: Suggestion for the programming boards...

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    Suggestion for the programming boards...

    I think that since there are so many posts about what the best book is, that there should be a sticky on the programming boards where people can post books they have read and write the pro's and con's . Another forum has something like this on their programming board and I thought it helped since its easier to look at a sticky than go search "book" and go through a ton of posts to get the info.... the place I got the idea from is here. Look at the sticky entitled "List (and find) recommended programming books here! ". It works well at that site so I thought maybe we could try it here . Welp, just a suggestion....

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    That would be nice.

    Any mods around for this?

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    We do already have the books section and some of the forums have their own "useful bits" type threads. OK, that's not exactly what you're asking, but it's close.

    Anyway, the mods will discuss.
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