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    Originally posted by Fordy
    >>Fordy, I seem to remember you having a story about drinking cigarettes...

    Had an unpleasant incedent with a can that was used as an ashtray once.....damn I'd forgot that........didnt really want to remember either
    Me too. More than once.

    Also I have :

    Fallen out of a car (passenger) trying to use cash machine (ATM to everybody else) without getting out of the car.

    Fallen down 3 flights of stairs in a club.

    Somehow made it from Blackpool (heh) to Preston (20 miles) with no vehicle or funds of any kind. Weird thing is I got home in good time! And no, my ass didnt hurt in the morning

    Fell 'UP' a kerbstone and chipped my ankle bone.

    Sat on a toilet and have it disintagrate from under me! Even though I was ........ed, to this day I wonder 'what the hell happened there!'

    Got ........ed on a mountain top (Skiddaw-Lake District) got halfway down and snapped my ankle in a tumble.

    Fell through a plate glass shop window.

    Ummm been with 'questionable looking' women. This one makes my head hurt bad.

    Been attacked by a big dog whilst running from Cops. My fault for drunkedly thinking 'oooh Ill hide over this wall' Some stag night that was.

    I danced once or twice too whilst ........ed

    Lots more, but I am a good boy now.
    Such is life.

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    Originally posted by Fountain
    I danced once or twice too whilst ........ed
    I am also guilty of that

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    >>I danced once or twice too whilst ........ed

    Ahhh......the wobbly boots.

    >>been with 'questionable looking' women.

    And the beer goggles.

    Always dangerous combination.

    I've had puking and peeing contests (distance, duration)

    Had a caretaker, dressed only in his white Y-fronts on an island press a rifle into my chest while we spoke. In my drunken haze I 'knew' he was not going to shoot me. We had a 5 min conversation before my friends got me back to the boat.

    We had a contest here called 'R U Barking". A run thru the city pubs drinking a half pint in each of 16 pubs.
    After the event we were caught by the cops on a bridge. I was pushing a friend who had passed out in a shopping trolley. I tried to run and was tackled by a cop, hard to get far pushing a shopping trolley with wheels that want to go in three directions at once. My other friend tred to escape by climbing a light pole.
    "Man alone suffers so excruciatingly in the world that he was compelled to invent laughter."
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    "I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars......the rest I squandered."
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    shopping carts... they're all like that.

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    A few years ago I stood laughing at a microwave for over 5 minutes, but then after that I passed out. I remember looking at the clock at around 12:32, then the last time thing I remember was it was 12:37. Good times.

    I guess that's not exactly funny, but that's the closes thing to a funny drunk story I can think or right now.

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    I've got one from this past saturday, actually.

    I went canoeing with my g/f, my parents, and a few of his friends. One of his friends, we'll call him brad, was in a kayak and we were all in canoes.

    Well we had all been drinking the entire time and were about 4 hours down the river so we've got a good bit in us. I wasnt drunk at this point in time, but brad was pretty good to go.

    Well we come to a fork in the river, left goes no where but swamp, and we know this. Well brad was last in line, behind me and stef, and we go right past the fork and we get a little ways down the river and realize were missing brad. Now none of us are worried, hes rlly good for taking random pee breaks and not saying anything.

    So we turn around and i go back to find him. I find him in his boxers standing in the river, right in it. His kayak is on the side of the river with his cloths on the front, and he kept telling me the "Swamp Monsters" from the left fork stole his cloths.....

    As for me i dont have that many funny stories. One new years eve i woke up in my front yard in the snow, only to find i had ........ed all over myself......

    Good times.

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    Originally posted by RoD
    I went canoeing with my g/f, my parents, and a few of his friends.
    Hmmm... Since your girlfriend was the only singular noun in that sentence other than yourself, I'll have to assume "g/f" and "his" go together.

    Sick, man. Get yourself a female girlfriend.

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    hmm your right that is messed up.

    I went with my g/f, my parents, and a few of my fathers friends.

    There we go.

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    I would but people like Ken and Govt etc will full flame me for some reason...

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    I was in Germany a few weeks ago with my school in a foreign exchange program. The second-to-last night we were there, this one German kid drank more than he could handle - a LOT more. Before he wasn't really able to get up and move, though, they convinced him that it was raining and he was dancing around with an umbrella.

    I, alas, was not there for _that_ specific incident, though it was easily the most funny. I was off at a rock club, getting my ass whipped in table soccer, listening to good music (and then there was the death metal band that sucked), and watching his old bald guy in a leather vest bumming cigarettes and beer off of people.

    More on-topic, another kid in Germany was freaking out that the other kids in his hotel room were going to leave him all alone and ditch him to go somewhere else... after the teacher supervising the group said he would be around later to check on the rooms, and that would shouldn't go anywhere but our own rooms. He was amazingly paranoid... he stole the keys and slept on them and kept on demanding the truth. Annoying as hell...

    EDIT: And then there's your typical beer goggles story.
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