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    Question Advanced Linux Programming

    Anyone suggest this book for linux programming? For thoughs of you who don't know anything about this book, all that it implies by 'Advanced' is that you already know C/C++. I was thinking of getting it second eddition... i saw the first eddition at borders and read some of it... looks useful, but I hear the next addition has alot more. If you don't suggest this book, any others? (In advanced, this isn't a cross post from the other one... I'm narrowing on this book, and asking for similar books).

    ... Wow... don't... I.. use... alot of... elipses(write word?)?... I.. think.... I.. do...

    Edit: That's definetly going to be another quote... tacking it on riiiight NOW!!!

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    elipses is the right word, but write isn't And you only used three before your comment :P Anyway, can't help you with the book.

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    Quoting yourself? That's sad, dude. Especially since that sentence was completely devoid of humor.

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