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    I didn't need that diskette. Windows 98 and windows 2000 were both able to see the DHCP server and get a connection just fine from my XP server.
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    You're talking about two completely different things. You're talking about setting up XP with ICS (internet connection sharing) for internal LAN PCs so they can access the Internet. That's is networking but that's not the end-all be-all of networking. Networking is just hooking up two PCs and having them communicate with each other. You can do that right out of the box with XP, Linux, 9x, etc. The diskette you created I believe was just used to set the TCP/IP settings to DHCP and use the XP machine as a gateway. I don't believe it had anything to do with updating the PCs. Your internet connection has absolutely nothing to do with Netbios either, it's all TCP/IP.
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    Thanks for the help guys, I wasn't expecting so many responses. Im going to try RoD suggestion and see if I can get Zone Alarm to work. And if not just go find a router with a built in firewall.

    To answer the questions about my connection, it really is a 100 mbs connection, its not cable, or DSL, it is fiber straight to the house, so far my fastest single conection download was about 4.35 mB a second, it took longer for windows to write the file to the HD from the temp folder than it did to download the file.
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    Washington Post Article

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    Do you have fiber running into your PCs or is there some point where it's switched to copper? If it switches, what does it run into to switch to copper?
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    So you've got one of them new-fangled fiber optic neighborhoods I've read about? Cool.

    A router would definitely help you and since you are fiber optic - there would be nearly 0 slow down.

    Last night I played CFS2 online while my dad did something else online from his system. He was running 98 and mine was XP. No problems and no slow down and that was on a cable modem. So yours wouldn't even flinch with that kind of setup.

    The beauty of the router is that you need not rely on one computer to be the 'server' for the LAN. You access the router through your system.

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    Does your bog standard router cope with a 100mb wan connection?

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