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    Originally posted by Silvercord
    And just wondering, what do you mean by 'i tend to have a knee jerk reaction' towards thigns. That actually makes no sense to me, now that i think about it.
    I think you're a good personality around here. Don't take it personally. Knee-jerk reactions are those that are based on a small amount of information so I'll give you that that is probably not the case. But knee-jerk also means that there is an overreaction. I think that definitely applies. People being not entirely satisfied in their work is not a reason for you to throw it away as an option. Like I said, I am thankful for this job. You might be too when the time comes. But, Nirvana it isn't.
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    I might still consider minoring in comp sci

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    When you do programming as a job, there are always two sides: Your own pride to make the program work like it should and have a proper structure and comments and documentation and stuff. And then there is your boss, who wants to get results for the money. Commenting is not a result, clean code is not a result. A finished program is, no matter how it looks in the sourcecode.

    If you have a boss that can see that clean code and comments are helpful and saving time maintaining the application that's great. If you don't, that sucks.

    I can't imagine how bad it would be for someone who isn't exactly the top tuxedo in the closet.
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    Originally posted by Silvercord
    I might still consider minoring in comp sci [/B]
    hey silver, why not a double major? one of my friends is doing a 5-year Math/comp. sci double major. That may cover everything your looking for (?)

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    I don't know, I guess I'm still considering options. That might be an excellent idea though. I like the setup of the Major in math and minor in computer science at UMaine because I can skip almost every single one of the lame comp sci courses but still take the advanced 3d graphics theory courses they offer in the high level comp sci courses.

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    I've just finished second year in CS, and I've always known that a job in programming is never going to be like when you do programming for fun!

    But computer programming is the only major that I love, although I'm good at other subjects and I always get high grades in them, but programming is my favourite, I know how it is to work in this field, because I know many people working in programming.

    I've always wanted to major in CS, and if I have to choose a job, I don't think there is better than programming!

    I'm not a very talented programmer, but I'll do my best to become better and better!

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