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Thread: A very weird poll

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    Originally posted by HybridM
    Indeed, many of the wars in the world revolve around religion. That's why I'm a proud atheist. Religion is very old and it is showing its age a bit these days. Religion was perfect for the dark ages when people didn't like to think for themselves and died at the age of twenty, I'm not sure how much longer religion will last, maybe a 100 - 150 years or so. The clock is ticking Jesus.

    Flame on.
    I don't think religion wll ever go away. There will always be people who are content to let others do the thinking for them. At the top levels there are people who actually do think for themselves, and then they advocate that their way of thinking is the right one. You know, come to think of it, many religions are like pyramid schemes... If you get in early (i.e. the middle ages) you can make something of yourself. Those who get in late in the game just sorta feed the early birds and the few who are lucky/charismatic/persistant enough to rise up to the top nowadays.

    Gotta run. *dodges tomatoes on her way out*


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    I don't think religion wll ever go away
    Depends how you define religion, the aspects involving social values, communal gatherings, general lessons on how to go about living your life, could stay, but i can't see the 'belief' side sticking around indefinately, look at how much it has receeded in the past 200 years alone.

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    Religion was created in a time when we knew nothing about the world around us, and it was all very magical and confusing. But as time goes on and we learn more and more about how everything works, we discover that it's not magical at all and there are rules and logic behind everything.

    true we can't explain everything and most likely never will, but the notion that everything was magically put here by some supreme being becomes less and less likely as the years go on.

    The only other reason that religion (that is, the belief in a deity) exists is (IMO) the fear of death, and that too is becomming less significant, we still fear dying, but compared to when religions began, we can live up to four times as long, and that number is likely to continue to increase, until perhaps we choose when our time is, who knows.

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    dabbling in trolling are we?
    "You are stupid! You are stupid! Oh, and don't forget, you are STUPID!" - Dexter

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    Just because my opinions aren't that of the masses, doesn't mean I am not allowed to express them.
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