Thread: How many languages do you learn at once?

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    Ok, I'm concentrating on C++ now...concentrate, concentrate
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    try learning assembly with C or java. they really come along together well!
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    Yeah, I agree with what lightatdawn said. I don't know if you were around/saw the "hacking challenge" from a month or so ago (there's a thread on GD if you're interested - it's completely legal). Anyway, I'd never written nor read a line of Java or Javascript before, but I made it all the way through that challenge (with the exception of one which we brute forced as a group and another that I couldn't get). It involved reading/modifying a lot of Java code. Once you learn C++ well, other languages become... simple.

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    Umm, well hehe
    Learning languages at once, I think I might have a say in this. Not just COMP Languages.

    This YEAR:
    Learned Ruby, Lisp, more ASM (x86) and more Perl
    But that's just a little Comp Languages
    I also have learned Spanish to the degree I can speak around in Mexico. I have taught myself Japanese to the point where I can understand everything I see on my Japanese Television and I am going to take a trip there soon.
    Note: I have not taken a single class for any of these except Spanish. (Got to spanish 2 and stopped)

    If you want any advice on cramming a language and becoming fluuent in about 2 years email me. Note: EXTREMELY Difficult.

    For any language, Comp or Not, one thing is required: DESIRE.
    I learned C when I was 12, C++ when I was 13. Basic when I was 14 (and laughed). CalcBasic when I was 7. BrainF*** last year. Perl was a long time ago. Pascal have not learned yet, neither for Fortran.

    My favorite language (comp) is C for the power of the language.
    My Favorite language to speak is either English or Japanes. I use a lot of both now...

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    BrainF*** definitely lives up to its name. Geeze, that language amazes me. Did you program anything useful/cool?

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    This is wat I did in the last 3 years-
    First learn HTML
    Then learnt JAVA,XML,CGI together
    Then learnt C++
    Right now,I'm studying as a part of my hobby,like the one's above and C since its a part of my syllabus.I think I've forgotten a bit of JAVA and CGI,but the rest are still sorta fresh.

    BTW,RoD,how do u find J#?Many advised me not to go for it since MS won't take it seriously.But I like the concept of it,since it has its own compact runtime.But I'll certainly stick to only Windows forms and Windows services with think it a better idea to work with HTML,XML,Java,CGI on the web rather than

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    Here is my progression thus far:
    • QBasic
    • VBDOS (useless)
    • C
    • C++
    • Assembler - TASM,MASM,NASM - not nasty AT&T crap
    • Visual Basic (not my favorite)
    • Some Java - although IMO it sucks, so I quit work on it

    Out of all of the above the one that gave me the best understanding of what the **** is going on under all of the code is assembler. Granted its not used much anymore and it is not portable and blah, blah, blah ....I've heard it all. But it does give you a very good understanding of how it all fits together and I believe even a basic knowledge of assembler will make you a better programmer. If you can understand assembly - then you can understand any language - just as if you understand C, you can understand pretty much any scripting language.

    Don't learn assembler for the sake of its usefulness in future apps - learn it for the sake of understanding what is going on underneath the surface. Even helps in Windows code - although it is true you can defeat yourself with optimized compilers. But overall I would recommend having a basic knowledge of some assembler - other languages then become a snap. That's what really made it all 'click' for me. Just my opinion.

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    My opinion is to learn C first. Then move onto java/c#, or c++.

    Don't bother learning more than one language at a time, unless there's a reason for you to do so.

    Once you learn C, you'll have a fundamental understanding of C++ and java, minus the object oriented aspects of the languages.

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    I tried to learn c and java at the same time when i first started coding, your right about the learning curve!
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