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    Thumbs up Corporate sites

    I need some references to nice looking corporate sites. If u come across any, please post them here. Thanks

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    check out the top computer sites

    microsoft, sun, gateway, dell, sony, ibm, intel, amd, linux, mac, etc

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    any other?
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    You could always search the web?

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    The BBC's site wins Webby awards most years. You might rty searching for web awards and working backwards from that.
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    Do you think anyone has told them?

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    I just created this for a company. . .

    It's not finished yet, but it does look rather nice if I say so myself.

    (site is made for 800*600 res, as no-one had any comps that differed at any of the logistics offices I saw.)
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    I really like the website from lamborghini (also the cars )
    it is completly in flash. I'm not a flash fan, but I think it is very wel done

    BTW, if any one knows a good flash tutorial that explains how to make such menu's, let me know

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    If you look around, so many sites are emulating eachother nowadays. It's like one nice, easily-implemented design comes around and then BAM! everyone's page looks like it.

    Just sayin'.

    And yeah, Maes, I've always thought that lambo's site was nice, even though I dislike flash. A bit hard to navigate though.

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    Did whatever company it was ever get that copyright on the side frame design for websites?

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