Thread: check out this game

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    check out this game

    This game looks so awesome. I want a copy. Anyone have one they can sell me cheap?


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    That game sucks, its impossible to win!! And when you die you can't start over. I would like to see the source code to the engine though, its impressive.
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    It would be more fun if you could opt-out of the perma-death option. And the weapons are waaaay unrealistic. Look at what a weapon in CS does and what it does in this game. Totally different I tell you. As a CS weapons specialist, I tell you whoever invented this game didn't do his homework on physics properly.

    Oh, and why can't I become a Jedi ? This game sucks, I will not pay for such crap.

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    I downloaded this off Kazaa. Wasn't worth my time. I played BF1942 instead.

    edit: Also, I found some cheat codes to make you faster and stronger, but if you enter races or anything like that with them on, they kick you out. WTF?

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    I prefer real online games where no one knows me and I can act the way I really want to act without having to confront anyone tougher than me

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    is this just a review? I searched around on it and it never gave a link to play it. It looks like a fun game. The reviews are nice also.
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    Please tell me you didn't REALLY look for links to play the game Zakk...

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    Yay! A game where not all women characters are objectivized and scantily-clad! Oh wait. . .

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