Thread: r u a HAM

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    r u a HAM

    Well any HAM Radio Operators here... Please share your experience.. what does it take to become a HAM...

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    Nope. I'm pretty fit, thanks.

    edit: Calling people a ham just because they've got weight problems is a little harsh, isn't it?

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    >> what does it take to become a HAM...

    A radio, a large apetite, and an aversion to bacon.
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    The licensing rules/laws for HAM operators vary wildly from country to country. You'll need to check this out where you are/will be. The WRTV Handbook is the bible of the short waver, in my day, it carried country by country info on licencing - but that was years ago.

    I still DX on the SW bands from time to time, and have about 250 QSL cards from around the globe.
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    HAM could be pretty fun.
    My bro has a licence (National Institue of Amateur Radio, Ind)
    However, he stopped using it after a couple of years.
    It could be helpful in your resume if you're applying for
    any jobs in the defence.
    Other than that, it is purely a hobby. It's like the pre-historic
    internet for people to chat.

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