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Thread: Whom do you blame for the mistake in Pres. Bush's State of the Union speech?

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    The uranium thing?

    I think it's being blown out of proportion and it was an honest mistake.
    Why did it take him a week to admit it?

    There was an editorial from the ambassador sent out there in the new york times, stating that he hadn't found any evidence of that. He told the Vice President's office. The VP's office were the ones who asked for that report in the first place. Six months later, this report was forgotten or lost, and flaky evidence was used as justification to go to war.

    This is not tolerable.

    And on another note: this poll is moot. The CIA and Condaleeza Rice already have admitted that it was a mistake.
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    ygf, I'm not defending him. I just think this one line was blown out of proportion. If it keeps him out of office next term, though, I'm all for it.

    Ken, don't ask me; that's just how the speech went

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    is this thread about the uranium thing
    is it about the iraq thing

    when was the state of the union address?

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    Yes and Yes.


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    well then why did you say we need to take a mandatory test before we can go on this site, it's like you were invalidating my comment when it seemed like a reasonable one.

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    Why did they make my country man Hans Blix look bad?

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