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    I don't know how many of you remember him. He did a lot of spamming last summer or so. He also continually IMs people and trys to recruit them to develop some game or other, and invites you to a AIM chat room called ZOO Nation. He's never done any work. I believe he's been banned here numerous times... anyway, just thought I'd issue the warning that he's back at his old games. He just IMed me with the screen name Trigomaq, but that will probably change again soon. If this guy shows up here and starts spamming, can we get him banned quickly?

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    God that's eerie, 2 seconds after I read this thread I get a IM from Trigomaq on aim.
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    That guy is the best programmer i've ever met.

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    I used to get repeaded messages from him. Then once i got annoyed and told him off, he never messaged me again lol
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    another jackass, like AProg

    Can't they just die???

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    He sent me an e-mail today asking me to join his "development organization", but I turned him down before I even knew it was him. Although, I suspected it might be him, because I looked at his website, and I had remember that ZOO Nation name from a while back. Ha, that guy is so cool!

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    Haha, wasn't that the guy that Aran almost got to kill himself? Aran can have that effect on people, yanno

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    I'll admit it, I was stupid enough to go a long to one of these "meetings". It sounds a lot like Kramerica Industries to me, if any body watches Seinfeld; 5 seconds of phrases like, "Let's get down to business", followed by 10 minutes, of jokes, and another 5 seconds of, "follow up on your assignments, get to work!"

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