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    One time, at band camp

    This is probably the last post I'll post here for two weeks. I go off to marching band camp tomorrow, and I'll be there until next Saturday, and then we start back up after the weekend. Man, I'm going to be so tired, nothing but playing and marching for 12 hours straight, with two 15 minute breaks, and a 30 minute break, so it's actually 11 hours of actual play time.

    I'm third on the bass line. But in ranks I'm actually the bass leader. I'm just too tall to play basses one and two

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    I was gonna say that was a really short two weeks. I think the whole vacation thing is kind of lame dude. No offense, but your turning nothing into so much its almost sad.

    I'm not trying to crack on u but dude, its the internet.

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    Just be glad you're not playing wouldn't be able to smile after all that playing
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