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    Zodiac, reincarnation, phantasmas --> 2

    I am not going to make any comments about the closing of the thread, but i am immedietly getting to my reply:

    Here's my reply to Zack L.:

    andrianwx wrote:
    >>Without a following, a religion would not exist. A concept is not blameable
    I don't blame all the people becuase there are so many nice Muslin guys out there. That's why i don't blame them. If i was going to blame the people, that would be wrong because many of them don't do what Koran says. What i blame is Koran, these laws, who instuct people to do this and this.
    After all, even if all people do what Koran says, the root of the problem is Koran. And what we should do in a problem is try to find it's root and try to fix it.
    Let's take a child which is born in a Muslin family. That will automaticcally become another Muslin. But why to blame that child which knows nothing about Islam and Koran and Christianity and whatever? Off course and i won't blame it! Why do you find that so illogical ?!. Koran is the problem, not the people.
    But even if you still believe that i want to blame the people after all the things i have said, then you have a really big problem

    >you are blaming the people who hold those beliefs
    1) See the underlined sentence above.
    2) Christians hold the belief of Christianity. However, few Christians do what Ghristianity wants and are REALL Christians. Others are just tipically Chriastians, just because they were baptized Christians. That doesn't mean they are REALL Christians, since they don't do what Christianity wants.

    >Thats a bit arrogant, don't ya think! Do you not see that it is even remotely possible that Christianity can contain possibly even a slight flaw?
    If you don't believe that your religion isn't perfect and does have some errors you shouldn't be following it. It's your religion!! It's the thing which should be above all, with no errors. It's not arrogant to say that Christianity doesn't have any errors. ( Humans have errors, but not the God. )
    Christianity is perfect. Jesus was perfect and as a human was sinless. You have to read about Christianity and the work of Jesus ( and not only ) to understand this.

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    There are problems with Christianity, if there were not, no ill would have come of it, plenty of ill has. Claiming the fault lies with man is irrelevent, a PERFECT religion would take into account man's failings, Christianity clearly FAILED to do that.

    You cannot claim that Islam is evil because the Koran says bad things, when you claim Christianity is perfect despite the fact the bible says horrible things.

    Jesus wasn't perfect at all, otherwise he would not have had moments of doubt would he? Or have you not actually read the New Testament either?

    and.............. in before the lock =)

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    It was closed for a reason.

    edit: I'll hold off on closing this if you can give me a reason to keep it open, AProg.

    edit2: Better idea - if you can think of a reason, PM me with it. If it's good enough, I'll reopen the thread.

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