Thread: So you want to learn Japanese...

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    So you want to learn Japanese...

    well, im enrolled in a couple Japanese courses next year (damn arts options... ) so i thought id find some internet resources and get a head start. i came across this interesting article on learning Japanese...

    So you want to learn Japanese...

    featuring such quotes as..

    The term "Holocaust" comes from the Latin roots "Holi" and "Causm", meaning "to major in Japanese".

    Kanji can combined to form new words. For example, if you combine the Kanji for "small", and "woman", you get the word "carbeurator".

    the Japanese word for "you", for example, when written in kanji, translates to"I hope a monkey scratches your face off"

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    Just resign yourself to talking like a little girl for the rest of your life and hope to God that no one beats you up.
    Looks like some fun courses your taking.
    The word rap as it applies to music is the result of a peculiar phonological rule which has stripped the word of its initial voiceless velar stop.

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