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    This is CBoard! You know better than to bring that up! Although that is a good point. I don't see what Canada's got to do with this though!
    It was Canada day July 1st, yet no one felt the need to post anything.

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    Poor Canada. You could've.

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    Happy 4th July!!!!!!, Independence Day of USA.
    Also remembering the independence of Iraq.
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    Wait... back when it was independent, or now?

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    Thank you Zahid. Although I will admit that people in Iraq were more independent before... that has a tendency to happen when your country is run by a family of rapists.

    Independence is not having to rely on someone else, right? Just because they didn't rely on anybody else, didn't mean they never needed to. Saddam Hussein was only taking care of the members of his party. The same thing happens all over the world. Robert Mugabe (who just gave himself, and all members of his party, a 600% pay increase), not only buys Mercedes' for members of his party who do not have licenses, but is also starving his own people, not allowing enough food to be imported in. He was a terrorist not too long ago, and I won't hesitate to say Saddam Hussein still was when the US first invaded.
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