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Thread: Network Programming Board

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    I think it should be external device board. If it is, I'll change my answer to yes. I know there isn't many questions about external device communication, but if there is a new board, people may begin to get interest in it.

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    I dont see the need for a new board.... Too many boads not a good idea.. I hardly see few questions related to network programming..
    its bound to attract new people. theres a couple more boards that would be nice to have.

    we already have a c++ board, so some one gets the idea of having flavors of c programming.

    id like to see something like a embedded, io(port) and the networking board.

    it would bring in more people so in theory it should make it easier for the regulars, so more specialized people would be posting the answers, thats great for us n00bs too.

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    As nothing based around the subject has been posted for a while, I'll close it.

    If anyone has any legitimate points to make, PM me

    Following a suggestion from original poster, I have tried to prune this thread down to posts relevant to the discussion. Please try to keep the the thread trash free.....pretty please?

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