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    Pay Back Time

    What exactly do I need to allow Credit Card payment over the internet, like on a web site. Do I just need to get their Credit Card number / information to me somehow (securely, of course), and then take that to the bank and get the money, or do I actually need to pay a whole bunch of money for these, "Shopping Cart" systems that you can buy from your web host. If the first is doable, what information do I need to get?

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    most people(well, some people) wont give a credit card out unless they see ssl. on yahoo i see one site that says one year 32.99.

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    I think you need a merchant license as well.
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    You have to remember that CC information entered is then automatically authorised with say, visa.

    The money doesnt leave your cc account until about 3 days later. So whatever system you use/choose must somehow link with Visa/Amex/MC. So, I guess the 32.99 posted above sounds nice and cheap.
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    Yea you need a merchant account at your bank which you need really good credit to get or you can sign up with a program that takes care of it for you. Usually they take money out of each sale or charge a monthly fee. I did some searching a few months ago and the best I found was 19.99 a month.

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