Thread: What do you listen to?

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    Mostly classical, particularly french Impressionism (faure, ravel, debussy, etc..) At the very moment though, i'm listening to Rachmanninov's 2nd Concerto, 1st movement

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    I like
    Salsa, Bachata, Merengue(not a huge fan) Willy Chirino, Jose Jose, Juan Gabriel, grupo niche etc etc

    Bach, Beethoven etc etc

    Rock(80's stuff alot too)
    ben l jordan, portishead etc etc, light stuff mainly, some metal like Rammstein

    Rap(older stuff)
    Nas, tribe called quest, the guru(gangstarr) etc

    Paul Okenfield etc

    I don't like

    I basically can listen to everything except Country, I'm not bound to one particular type of music though. I need to listen to everything or I'll go nuts, considering that I'm always on the computer and always listening to music heh.

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    I'm only gonna displaying ones with more than 3 songs each:

    Blink 182
    Foo Fighters
    Good Charlotte
    Jason Mraz
    Jimmy Eat World
    Linkin Park
    Matchbox 20
    New Found Glory
    Puddle of Mudd
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Simple Plan
    Sum 41
    Treble Charger
    Vanessa Carlton

    Most of my songs are punk/rock when I was around 13. Now since I play guitar I like more "clean" songs like Jason Marz and Matchbox 20 and Vanessa Carlton. But Linkin Park rules all the time!!! w00t! I also have random cool pop songs like "Lillix - Its About Time" and Christina Aguilera stuff and this great French pop artist: Lorie. Download a few of hers, they got nice beat and are better than Britney Spears .

    Sometimes, I also listen to techno/dance trance internet radio stations from Europe. They're always new beats and songs there so I don't get bored when programming.

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    Originally posted by Panopticon
    Its Nobuo Uematsu to my knowledge. Spell it right!
    hehe yeah he's cool, composer of Final Fantasy series game music. Cool stuff.
    good call... people always overlook game soundtracks... there's some really kickass stuff in there...
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    Oh yeah right now im listening to track 7 of the Tribes 1 cd

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    50 cent is a freaking crackhead that doesn't deserve any of the
    recognition he gets. Ooh, woopity dooh, he got shot 9 times, we
    should all buy "his" music. I doubt that story is even true; yeah,
    he got shot 9 times by the same person who stabbed Vanilla
    Ice 5 times. I'm so frickin' sick and tired of seeing pictures of him
    in a bullet-proof vest. I wouldn't be surprised if, like Vanilla Ice,
    this whole shooting-story is revealed to be nothing more than a
    marketing gimic. But who cares? Even if he was shot, it doesn't
    change the fact that "his" music sucks.

    He's such a dork.

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