Thread: Job advice needed regarding C++

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    Job advice needed regarding C++


    Im currently looking for a job, i have a degree in physics.

    Something in the IT or IT/scientific field is what im looking for.

    The thing is some of the advertised jobs say something like,

    ' There are various jobs on will be working for a major blue chip mutli....blah...'

    Qualifications:- Degree maths or physics and some C,C++ would be useful.

    Question is, how are you meant to use a small amout of C/C++ knowledge in failry high profile job like this ?

    Surely it takes years the learn it well ?

    I have a bit of C from my degree course but i couldnt see it being much use ?

    Any thoughts ?

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    knowing small amounts of c/c++ can help you analyse experiments. for example. say you obtain some results from some fancy physics experiment. you suspect that the behviour of X (?) is random (or follows a gamma/chi-squared/exponential pattern, etc...). so, you generate N random (or other) events in a c/c++ program based on the same domain as your experiment and compare your observed results with the average of the N random results.

    creating such a program doesnt require much knowledge of c/c++ but can be very useful in providing support for an anlysis.

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    That is a typical job agency hook advert. What they are actually saying is "We have a few customers that may or may not be interested in various aspects of what we have said, but it helps us a lot when trying to get business to have a long list of job seekers on our books."

    It will do you no harm to "apply" for one of these "jobs" as it probably doesn't exist. What is more likely is that you will be called in to meet the agency types, (who are generally cretins), drink coffee, depending on where you are/how much patience you have, play some ridiculous pschological profiling games, fill out a series of forms and finally, if they have something that fits they'll try to set you up with the firm, if not, they'll "keep you on their books" and work hard trying to find something for "you".

    You'll learn a bit about recruitment agency practices, learn what is "in" and what is "out", (these gits are like fashion houses), by following up one of these type adverts every 5 years or so.

    Final comment, the business world is in a recession right now, there are a lot of people, qualified experienced people, out of work. You are competing with them, picking up a few trends by reading between what these idiots say will help you.
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