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    check this out!

    I went to the site ( but it seems to be down at the moment.
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    I wouldn't use it.

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    Those VIA mini-itx boards are great. I built a PC with one a few months ago. Well, when I say built a PC, I mean I stuck in some RAM, and attached a couple of drives. That was it. Everything else was onboard. The application we were using it for required ultra low power so we used the 550 Mhz option which is fanless (550 ain't bad for a fanless design if you ask me). They are up to 1GHz now and it's still really low power. We got hold of a fanless mini-itx power supply which was basically a circuit board about the size of two credit cards laid end to end. It powered the entire computer just nicely. The whole solution was uber compact and completely silent. We didn't have a light attached to it (it wasn't a desktop application PC) so the only way you knew it was on was the clicking of the HDD. Possibly the best thing though is that they are pretty reasonably priced too.

    Their website is

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    Silent is great, but I don't like this:

    - 1 DDR266 DIMM socket
    - 1 PCI

    Kinda limits things, eh?

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    I admit to not looking closely at the board in the picture. The one we used had two RAM slots which gave adequate space for most. It also had only one PCI slot but with the huge amount of onboard functinality we only needed one. That was for a wireless LAN card (regular LAN is provided onboard). I wouldn't say that it is quite at the point of providing the ideal desktop solution or anything but for the cost, size and power consumption it is pretty good in my opinion.

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