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    searching for a friend


    I'm searching for a friend. But i lost his hotmail id. is there any way i can find out the hotmail id with just the first name. the people search in msn did not turn any results maybe because his profile is not listed in msn.


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    >>find out the hotmail id with just the first name.
    If its not in their profile, then I'd guess not.

    Don't you have any old emails with their address on? Like in your "sent items" or something?

    Good luck
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    Try searching google with that email address. Maybe he made posts to a group somewhere that used his email as his ID or something.

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    Does anyone else know him.. a freind maby.

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    Hmm...would you like to have my yahoo address??

    [edit] only if youre a girl ...

    Well, please bear w/ me for I'm way too bored over here

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