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Thread: It Does Not Matter If We Do Not Find WMDs in Iraq

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    This forum and the tech forum are the only two I visit regular recentely... I haven't programmed much of anything recently, so I still come here for the generally interesting conversations

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    Originally posted by zahid
    FillYourBrain is one of them found not logical. Sorry to mention that. But needed to explain.
    that was totally uncalled for. You might have noticed that I haven't posted here very often lately. You my friend are one of the biggest reasons. I hate nobody. you clearly hate us. I must agree with GovtCheez
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    I find it interesting the effects of propaganda on the population.

    In a recent survey in the US;

    20% believe Iraq used Chemical and Biological agents in the war.

    33% believe WMD have already been found in Iraq after the war.

    50% believe some S11 hijackers came from Iraq.

    The Dept. Global Comunications has performed remarkably indeed and deserves a medal.
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