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    go to:

    to find out your typing speed, if you dont know it.

    I took it twice. First time:

    90 wpm, 93% accurate

    Second time:

    91 wpm, 97% accurate
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    My test:

    Duration: 1 Minute

    Gross Speed: 135 WPM

    Errors: 139 Words

    Net Speed : 0 WPM

    Accuracy: 0%

    how do I get 135 WPM and type 139 incorrect words in one minute?
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    94WPM, 100% accuracy.

    I could have done better, but, um.. I lost 3 fingers in 'nam.
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    i like typing and talking/listening (and looking) at somebody at the same time... last time i did that she hit me and yelled at me because it freaked her out...
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    haha, I do that all the time... except sometimes I just look at them and don't listen because I don't want to hear what they have to say.

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    Yikes, I thought I typed fast but it only said 84 WPM... of course maybe it would help if my nails were short enough that all my fingers could actually touch the keys... Any other girls out there have permanent fingernail marks on their keyboards?
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    My cat's left a few permanent claw marks in my keyboard.
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    I suspect any WPM test would not be truly representative if you are typing the same words over and over.

    I am sure I would have a higher WPM figure entering code, than random text, and I am also quite sure it depends on what kind of keyboard you are using. I work with a Danish keyboard at home, because my wife can't cope with any other, but to get, for example, a "{" character, or a "[" character, I need to be using the alt key. At work, I have an English keyboard so many of the multi key combinations I need to use at home are easier.
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    I lurk
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    I'm slow
    61WPM, 93% accuracy.

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    monotonously living Dissata's Avatar
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    Damn gramatical errors. . .

    I always forgot to type them.

    anyways I agree with adrianxw, that is only accurate if you are typing rubbish. I can't type very fast when I'm looking at words to type, but if It's something that I am thinking about, then I'm okay.

    //ya, that made no sense, o-well
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    Same here.

    I never have learned to type. I've been using computers since I was like 6 so I just remember where the keys are and I press them. I don't really think too much about typing, I just do it. If I try to think about it, I just mess up.

    This is the first time I really looked at myself typing and I have to say "Wow" too.

    PS: I couldn't take that test because Konqueror is being a $$$$$ about applets, and my Mozilla isn't set up for Java.

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    >I'm slow
    >61WPM, 93% accuracy.

    Oh, you're not that slow -- that would've gotten you an A in my high school keyboarding class! (Yes, when I was in high school we didn't have a Word Processing and Spreadsheeting class yet; we had a Keyboarding class with textbooks made for typewriters!) I was thrilled if I could type 50 WPM in high school ... and then I became a CS major
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    Test name	Strategic Alliances with Competitors
    Gross Speed	97 WPM
    Errors		3 Words
    Net Speed	94 WPM
    Accuracy	96%

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    My dad can do a whole 21 WPM (no kidding)

    The most I've ever gotten would be 120 WPM, but on average I get about 82.

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    Yeah I have done that plenty of times I am acutally doing it now lol woooo I love tpying its so fun now I am thinking aobut it and tpying much slower than my potential is, actually no wrong word but i cannot correct it now because I'm really tired and it's's like 6am over here. Oh man.
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