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    What do u think?

    I have just started a new web site dedicated to C++. Check it out:
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    Not bad, but I can hardly read the blue links on the black background. Could always be my display though.

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    Thanks I'll change the links colors.
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    What exactly is Microsoft Visual Basic C++ 6.0 ?
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    Blue links on black background is very easy to read on my display, but the blue-on-red logo on the top frame needs a lot of work. Frames are kind of outdated now; maybe you should try another way to format your website. I recommend replacing the series of hyphens with <hr />.

    Oh, and it's not "V.B. C++ 6.0" or "Microsoft Visual Basic C++ 6.0." It's just Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. And the Standard Edition costs about $100, not $600. Anyway, Visual C++ .NET 2003 has replaced that version, which is now two versions old. I'm sure you didn't mean to imply it, but Visual C++ does not act as Word or Excel. You can, however, create new documents within the Visual C++ IDE as long as the client application supports the ActiveDocument format (Microsoft Office programs do). You'd still need a separate copy of Word and Excel though.

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    The blue links do seem a bit low on contrast. The purple visited links are also a bit hard to see. And the links page in red is just hard to look at.

    Other than that not bad.
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    The site layout could be improved. For one thing, it would be nice to have the navigational links on every page, in the same spot, in the same order, so that navigating isn't difficult. Also, instead of just linking to other sites (like you Dev C++) link, it would be good to have a page talking about it, and perhaps provide a link from there to their site.

    In tutorial 1, you should change this:
    #include "iostream" (make sure you put <>around iostream)
    to this:
    #include <iostream>
    The HTML for that will look like this:
    #include &lt;iostream&gt;<br>
    It would be great to put the code in a different font (on my site, I did <blockquote><small> for the code) so that it's easily distinguishable. Some indentation would be nice too... use a small .gif which is entirely transparent. You can either make one, or if it's the right size for you and you want it, there's one at (right click -> save target as) Just insert that image before a line of code that you want this
    <img src="tab.gif">int favnum;<br>

    For the list of things below the code... an HTML list would be cool. You can do that like...aww, screw it. will tell you how to do it. There's a grammatical error in #1, #2 has a factual error - you either need that or using namespace cout - go with using namespace std. Actually, there are errors in the code. Try this - it's a little better.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    int favnum;
    cout << "High, welcome to C++ Programming for People."<<endl<<"Please tell us your favorite number: ";
    cin >>favnum;
    cout << endl <<"Your favorite number is"<<favnum;
    return 0;

    There is a huge error in #7. Everything in #7 is false. Just check into what return() actually does. I'm not trying to run you down, but rather improve your site. Proofread everything, check the facts, and make sure the code works before you post it.

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