Thread: My Price List!!!

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    I like how your opinion is worth 500 and a complete project only 100. Clever.

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    Originally posted by AProg
    > Yeah, it's an opinion that won't work
    yiap, i guess you are right, didn't sleep last night... do delete format

    > Are you ... owe me $500
    Hey! This is business. If you don't like it don't ask, or ask somewhere else where it might be better ( there is such a place ).
    People here have found what they wanted, don't try to destroy it.
    Why you don't release your own price list and steal from me and my team?

    P.S: Because I am trying to expand my business and in other sites, and i need my money as soon as possible, i set compound interest( i hope this is the right word ) 10% per week. So hurry up with your debts!
    Ha Ha Ha....if you're here expecting to make money then you sorely mistaking what this board is for. Even if this was a place to try and make money, there's quite a few other people here I would hire to write code for me before you.
    Wandering aimlessly through C.....

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