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    >>by lookin at the help file, and if it's not there (most times), I just experiment with the command, or with the program

    Fair enough, but expense aside, getting info from help is not different than using books. I though you were recommending someone not use any reference and to learn by experimentation only......this is a little optimistic for any subject other than those that are immediately straightforward.

    Personally, I prefer books to learn from than trying to read and absorbe info from the screen. If this is expensive then there are always librararies

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    On my lunch break, I sneak off to Barnes & Noble. They let people just sit in there and read the books for free. I even see people sipping on coffee and eating donuts as if they were at home. Maybe I could check out the books you guys suggested and read em for free at Barnes & Noble. They don't seem to mind...

    Oh yeah, and shipping at is like $3.00USD. Thats acceptable for a book.
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    >>Oh yeah, and shipping at is like $3.00USD

    Yeah, but god knows what that is for Columbia.......

    Its quite cheap at too. The discounts on the books are much more than the shipping. I got a book the other day that was 8 cheaper than the price on the high street. Shipping was about 3, so I saved a fiver. Aside from this I like the availability..... Such a huge stock...none of that "well order it and you can get iin 3 weeks" only to find that the book is not really what you're after

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    I dont know if the guy was using netware. I do know that after he sent it, a guy in my class opened up a dos window(console?) and typed in some stuff(the net send thing im assuming) and then he did it. I asked him how to do it, and he said he wasnt telling.
    Yeah our teacher let us do this sort of stuft in hi school until
    some one learned our to write a batch file calling send.
    Try send /?

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    > jajajaja its more interesting and useful when you learn by yourself

    Then, how did you learn to program with no books or classes?
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    >>network adminstrating type of stuff<<

    It seems cool to begin with, but it get's old quick... real quick. Never again will I take a job where I administer a system. Unless it's the BattleNet servers Write a program and get the hell out that's what I say. I miss the good old day's when I was installing stuff and going to a new customer site every day. I like stuff like that. Although, if I ever won the lottery, I would be happy sitting on my ass at a beach in Hawaii or Chile some where.
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