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Thread: How about a new Forum?

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    >>So, if general programming would involve all languages, then why to have individuals forums, and not have only one, the general programming?

    Because it would involve the general aspects of language not the specifics....i mean duh

    >>For example, you can compare two languages, but you shoulden't ask how the for-loop is in Java. And don't tell me that you can't refer to any other languages in "C forums", because by comparing languages with your own language you learn much more about your language.

    Gee we havent ever compared languages in GD before, never came to mind

    When you say that General programming consists of VB/Java/ETC and that it involves all languages, then why to involve them if you won't ask them a question specified in one of them?

    Exactly, why involve them. You automatically involve ALL LANGUAGES when u have a general programming forum. So why have it? This is a C/C++ site, dude end of it you just proved my argument for me, thank you.

    >>So you can't say that i want something more than C/C++( which is invalid ) by wanting a General Programming forum

    Sure i can, and i did.

    >>and then say that you wouldn't ask something in Java there( ehich is something more than C/C++ ). Not that difficult to get it...

    You wouldnt ask it because this is a C/C++ site. If you wouldnt ask it than we already have adequate forums. I get it, you dont.

    >>First of all i didn't refer to computer science.

    Well programming science is the same $$$$ing thing, again, get a clue.

    >>Algorithms is something generall which shouldn't ( and doesn't, indeed ) concern individual languages.

    In some cases it does get specific. Some algorithms involve psudeo code, sorry forgot you didnt know that.

    >>General discussion? Except from all the others, you are also blind.. Can't you see below the General Discussion link what it says? "Non-programming related topics", not even non C programming related topics

    Your point? You just told me that algorithm is general and needs to be in a general area, and now your arguing they dont go in the general discussion? Man your all $$$$ed up.

    >>Well, at least i am trying to support my opinions.

    Yea and me posting all this and arguing them so shows that i dont support my opinions.

    >>I told you what a General Programming should do, and there is nothing more to do to persuade you that it wouldn't be so alien for such a site to have one.

    So your suggesting that we need one meaning u want more

    >>I only said about a Generall Programming forum.

    o and the other suggestions werent u

    >>Attack you? Have i killed someone?

    No its attempted murder so far, on the concept of this site.

    >>I am just talking man!!!

    I know, trust me i know

    >>Don't understand yet?

    Yea i dont understand, u've got it all 100% correct

    >>Can't persuade you that you are wrong ( and really don't care to - that's not our point ).

    I admit when im wrong, i do it all the time.

    >>Read again what below the Tech Board says

    Compiler issues arent programming related they are technical. Think outside the box, if u can find your way out.

    >>I suppose you leave in the Middle Ages, and that "democracy" isn't a world you like so much...
    I didn't know that you have to be a King or The God to tell your opinion. After all, you, yourself, said that it was just suggestions/requests. Not to mention the fact that the owners of this site welcome all opinions and sugestions, and that they are very glad when people care about this site.

    I live in the age where the people rule. We have spoken, we have won, yet you wont shut up....

    >>Ridicul you? ( i am not speaking in plural )
    Remember that, "Noone can ridicul our self more than ourselves do"

    again i state:

    You, sir, are an idiot among men.

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    As this is degenerating into a petty squabble, I think that will do.

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