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    How Long?

    For the same old board,i'm a new programmer. I wish i can be a good programmer in web. What should i do next? any suggestion,guys? hmmn.......i want to be a great programmer in ASP,XML and COldfusion. How long it will takes me to master the coldfusion language? So that i can secure a job in multimedia areas. Don't tell me it takes 2 yrs to master a coldfusion languages? Tell me......... exactly how long would it takes?
    i'm willing to sacrifice everything for it. Expensive books and expensive software,time and money.

    WOuld it be great if i have a tutor or study alone?
    is there any site for me refer to if i have doubt and helps?
    That's all................

    LOng live For all the Programmer !!!

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    It will take you too long to become an excellent programmer. Though i don't know how those languages work, i know that it will take too long to learn them fluently. In fact, noone can tell you the exact time that it will take you, it's up to you.

    What makes the good programmer, is experience. Solve as many problems as you can. In each problem you 'll probably find new aspects of your programming language.

    There is no reason for worrying about the place you might find information, just search the web. I suggest you YAHOO. For examle search with the keywords "XML Tutorials". I am sure you 'll find countless pages and information.

    Study alone or with a tutor?
    If you find a good tutor then study with him. If you don't find any, study alone, ask questions in the forums, but try to find very good sources. There are also Many good books out there, in the markets.

    If you really want to become a very good programmer, you will.

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    >>I suggest you YAHOO.
    I suggest you Google. It's better. But other than that, AProg hit the nail on the head.

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    Originally posted by blackrat364
    >>I suggest you YAHOO.
    I suggest you Google. It's better. But other than that, AProg hit the nail on the head.

    True, but mainly I think you will find dedication is the major issue. Can you keep the interest up? Not be fed up/bored after 2 months?

    Think about this, its important.
    Such is life.

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    It should take a good 6mos. to learn everything you need and at least another 6mos. to develop those skills so you can use them. That's if you study your butt off.

    If u want web, then HTML is your first starting point - once you know that, you can pick up XML and COLDFUSION easily as they are pratically the same syntax.

    But you'll need to also learn SQL and then Javascript or Vbscript for ASP pages. Also you should learn PHP and probably Perl and if u get into ASPx.NET development you need C#.

    1-yr is what it will take to start becoming comfortable as a web developer. I recommend getting Dreamweaver as it's the best at simplyfying Dynamic page and Database develpment.
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    Talking "I WILL BE"

    I think you are right too.I know it will take me too long to become an excellent programmer.That's why i switch to web area first an then continue with the hardest programming languages.
    Coz in programming is too wide for me as it's growing damn fast.
    I will know time will be taken out from me.BUt,i don't care what's the thing i have to sacrifice in order to achieve the goal?

    On solving the problem,i still lack of skills on doing that.
    but i will try my best to solve as much problem on the program in the future.I know by that my skills would put me in a higher level.
    Thanks for urs advice! As u really wake me up from the dark.

    What i want is a good site for me to refer for? As Cprogramming is a good website for me. But i can find a good site for me.
    As for the tutor i can't really find one as it will cost a lot.
    Are they any good programmer in web area?if u have...jst recommend one for me. i just need one to see my program and check the mistakes.
    if i post my problem in this forum. would it be allowed?
    i think BEN FORTA books is quite a good books. RIte?
    i gues that's all for your piece of advice,AProg

    THANK YOU!!!

    "If you really want to become a very good programmer, you will."

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    Talking Alrite!


    Y u think it will take me 6months?as far as i know,a guys know the cold fusion in about 3months and develop a very good site.
    but for me,i think it will be longer.

    i will study the language everyday and everynight just to brush up my skills on that. I will do that.

    I have already taken the HTML. would be great if i just jump into coldfusion before xml? or vice versa.
    i have seen the syntax....... they all are the same. u r correct!

    WEll,stiffrod. i learned SQL already and before javascript and vbscript i just learned a bit only.But no need to worry as i will go there too. But the most important is the cold fusion now.
    Is it necessary for me to learn scripting for ASP PAGES?
    i think i won't go to PHP and perl.As i don't have interest on these two languages at the moment.

    why would i need C# if i get into ASP.NET development?
    pls tell me more on this.
    ABout the .net stuff.....

    well i prefer 7-8 months to start as a new fresh web developer.
    by the next yrs of mac.. i will be a web developer already for sure.

    wHy Dreamweawer?i just learn flash only.Wat's the usage of the dreamweawer?i think i can't absorb so many languages at a same time.I just go the language that i want first and think about other. Can't be that greedy

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    ASP and COLDFUSION are bad choices for you...

    Both are extremely expensive - ASP uses VBscript and Javascript as well as regular VB can be used in ASP but it's all useless unless you have access to an IIS webserver that can run your scripts.

    PHP and PERL are free. PHP is the equiv of ASP and is very nice.

    COLDFUSION is not gonna happen for you so I would put that on the back burner, very few ppl use it.... has good introductory articles on all of these topics. As well as

    I'm telling you dude, I've been doing this for 2.5yrs and I've given a very good estimate of how long it will take you. It's not really about languages as I've had to learn almost every major language out there and use 'em. It's more about the process and u must learn to hand code HTML first, javascript is also a large part of good web development especially as a web developer. Finally you must know about servers, Databases, xml and other data storage methods - and then you can start effectively building dynamic websites that use ASP or PHP or the like.
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    >As for the tutor i can't really find one as it will cost a lot.
    Are they any good programmer in web area?

    Yeah! You have the best programmer in the world in front of you! Me!!! And it's all free!!!!

    Lol...Just kidding

    Off course there are many good programmers in the web area, but i'm afraid it's a bit difficult to find one. If you didn't find a tutor then you are going to work alone. I don't know the book you refered to.
    Just keep searching for the best.

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    Not to offend, but another thing which will likely help you in your quest would be to improve your English skills. I assume that you are foreign, but many, if not most, technical documents are written in English, so it would be beneficial to use the language as fluently as possible. Also, it is easier to answer a question that is worded precisely than it is to answer a question which is unclear. Other than that, good luck in your programming ventures.

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    Don't choose between PHP and ASP/ASP.NET. Both are very widely used and very powerful. Learn them both.

    ASP expensive? Huh what? Its free. Get a Windows computer with IIS (included on the CD) and you're good to go. ASP.NET? Free for download. PHP is the same deal. You gotta get a server computer and server software and download PHP. You can use PHP with IIS so that way you can use the same server for both tasks.
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    Might want to consider this in directing your studies too:

    What makes a good programmer isn't knowing every piece of syntax or every (or even most) library function, thats what reference books/websites are for. What makes a good programmer is knowing what the capabilities of the language are, how best to apply them, and the ability to visualize how a computer must go about solving the task, and of course how to make it respond that way (purposely left somewhat ambiguous). Once you have that, the syntax will come easily.

    Also, the ability to look through buggy code, and debug it is quite essential. Good programmers are not exempt from mistakes, but they are able to recognize and correct them.

    Well, thats my random tangent.

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    As Speedy5 says, ASP and ASP.Net comes with Windows machines, they both come with XP, free. Install the IIS server and the .Net framework and you're good to go. ASP is a Microsoft invention so runs predominantly on Windows servers.

    PHP is mainly a Linux/Unix language and is linked to MySQL seamlessly. You can of course use other Databases, but I believe you have to set them up. has developed PHPTriad (now Sokkit) which bundles PHP, MySQL, and Apache server into one package for Windows. It's pretty slick!

    So ASP and PHP do similar jobs on different systems with very differnt syntax. To be a player, learn both.

    Dreamwaver is a "word processor" style program to create HTML pages. You don't need to know HTML well it at all, it will handhold you though the process of creating webpages. Some professionals I know use Dreamweaver to create the layout of a web page then switch to direct HTML to add the rest of the guts of the pages. But even with DW, it's best to know HTML well. It also has templates for creating javascript sections, among many other tools.
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    Learn English first...

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