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    Where can I find a "secret-service-like suite"? You know what I mean: shades, leather shoose, black pants...
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    A store.

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    leave your house, go to a mall... or a place that sells something called a "tuxuedo" or "formal wear" or a "suit"... that may help a little...
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    Try bribing a secret service agent. It can't hurt... too much.
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    pffft suits.... so low tech.
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    Isn't the solution obvious? There isn't any specific suit meant 'especially' for any kind of security associated business's.

    Solution for you:
    -Purchase some black dress pants at a store.
    -Purchase a complete black, untextured, leather belt.
    -Purchase an off-white dress shirt that has a mandrin collar.
    -Purchase a black suit jacket.
    -Purchase a cell phone.
    -Purchase a cell-phone mic that stretches near the ear piece.
    -Goto a sunglass store and purchase some Ray-Bans.

    There you go, you have your suit.
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