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    C++ & C are good for games. I hear that C# has garbage collection and a whole bunch of 'code behind the scenes' that wastes speed for stability. It makes much more realistic sense to do it with C++ in that case, even though processors are quite fast and could handle a C# game there is no reason for wasting processing time.
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    there is no reason for wasting processing time.
    On the other hand, if you aren't for the next Half Life III engine and can spare processor time, there is no reason wasting development time instead. It all comes down to which job you want to do. Action games and professional games require C++. A game that runs fine and requires a hobbyist to complete it in a reasonable amount of time can be done in C# as well if not even better.

    Although i fail to see how java's security is outdated. to this day there is still no official report of anyone breaking java's internal security
    The security itself is fine. It's the concept that is outdated. Java is based on either having a program that may run any instruction as soon as the user starts it or applets that may do virtually nothing. No matter how much the user and the developer trust each other, an applet will never be able to access the printer and a program will never be restricted to only use the printer. With the .NET concept, you can give permission sets/groups to different groups of programs, by default based on their origin. For example, you can allow all internet programs to do graphics and nothing more ( applet ), allow programs from your colleagues file share to access the printer and your D:\Jobs\ directory and your own programs to do anything.

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