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    pop up ads

    I keep getting popup ads from "Adult Love Line: Erotic adult personals." The question is, are these popups coming from this site, or do I have some sort of spyware bothering me with annoying ads?

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    My guess is that someone thinks programmers don't have enough of a life to get a real date.
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    I think they adjust those ads according to the sites you visit.

    I dont get any with Opera, so I wouldnt know.

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    Run ad-aware.

    Download Opera... the pop-up block option makes it worth the other stupid $$$$ it does.

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    Mozilla has the a pop-up blocker, too, and it's free at

    If you want to check for spyware, search for "spybot search & destroy". It'll remove spyware for you.
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    I use Popup-Stopper Pro. It generally gets the job done, at other times few popups do occur, but it ridds at least 90% of them.
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    i turn mine off when i come here, support the site ya'll : )

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