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    Post retrieving drive directories and files


    Im making a DOS versoin of Windows Explorer in C++, and need to know how to-
    Scan for current Drives including A:\ and CD and get Info
    Get directories and files

    In qbasic i used SYSTEm("dir *.* > dir.tem") to redirect a DOS dir command to a file, and my program opened the file and read it in. Sadly tho i dont know how to make a system call in C++ (if its possible) or if this is the best way of going about it.
    Any help would be cool
    PLEASE email me

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    Different compilers have different functions -- which compiler are you using?
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    > Get directories and files
    system("attrib /s >HardDrive.txt");

    HardDrive.txt contains your entire hard drive, all files(hidden, read-only, system, etc.), and the full path to them.

    The text file is 1.90mb on my machine.
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