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Thread: Matrix Reloaded Questions (SPOILERS_

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    Registered User codingmaster's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Another question:

    How was it possible for Agent Smith to copy some abilities of Neo?

    He thought in the first Matrix, that he killed him, but Neo woke up and killed Agent Smith.

    And he used this technique like Agent Smith, Neo cloned himself into Agent Smith

    But if he cloned himself into Agent Smith, there should be 2 Neos, but there aren't.

    So there is one possibility, that this cloning caused an error in the Matrix and so Agent Smith was copied into the Matrix structure and was deconnected.

    That's a strange structure, because there are programs in the Matrix, viruses (like the albino brothers), and the "PEOPLE" and the people who aren't in the Matrix and want to free the others.....

    I think there a connection between the Matrix Architect (who is a program) and the Oracle (who is a program too).....

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    Sep 2002
    The girlfriend of this french guy was a program.

    She seems to be more powerful than he.

    Maybe she is a program, which was programmed by him.....
    But if it would be so, he could control her (maybe she is a virus)

    But she seems to be just a program, like the Oracle...

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    In the first Matrix movie, agents were very powerful and able to defeat any human except Neo.
    Now they are even more powerful (upgraded).

    Then why is Morpheus able to fight even with an agent? Trinity also engages with an agent in close-combat without immediate defat.
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    It seems, that they all had been updated......

    Maybe someone wrote better programs for Morpheus, Neo and Trinity for the Matrix

    So they all were upgraded....

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    The Pantless Man CheesyMoo's Avatar
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    I don't know if this has already been said because I didn't read it all, but it might be important that when Neo was in The Matrix and started coming to rescue Trinity, he grippd his chair IN THE REAL WORLD. I thought that was an intresting part and perhaps very important.

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    no, did you watch the first matrix? it means nothing... the mind makes it real... the question is: was that the real world or another matrix?
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    i want wookie cookies the Wookie's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    ok well

    if zion is 'reset', isnt the matrix reset? or just zion is destroyed?

    if the matrix is reset with every one, then how did agent smith live through 5 wipings? or if its not, whats the point of destroying zion. or wait, nvm, to get rid of all of the rebels. but wait, why let then regenerate if theyre just going to do it again? or maybe how he siad theyre getting more effecient at functions something like a neural net where it learns from its mistakes so eventually all of the anomolies are gone? hmm

    i dont think theres a second matrix. look at the 'real world' and how trashy it is, and the architect was talking about how the matrix was a work of art. but then it went bad because of the oracle, so hmm maybe there is. maybe the 'real world' is the matrix gone bad, and he created a new better matrix. or maybe i dont know what im talking about. i need sleep haha. ill probably end up rewriting what i mean after i think it through tomorrow morning.

    where is the architect anywho?
    and wouldnt there be a 'control' center for all of the sentinals? neo was in the matrix still when he saw the architect. so the architect had to be plugged in somewhere if theyre both in the matrix. unless the architect is a fake and hes a 'battery'. so hes plugged in somewhere in the 'real world', where zion is, i think, or near there.
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    May 2002
    >>The 23 members didn't give birth to all of those people, most of them were rescued humans from the matrix, and thus could be any nationality and any age.

    I didn't see any plugs on any of them when they were dancing.
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    Wen Resu
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    May 2003
    Here what i think
    Zion is a matrix and so is the "World" <where neo was in part 1>
    Zion is made for people who do not wish to be in the World, so they are put there. this regulates them so that they still make nice little bateries.
    Now as stated before why would the machiens be attacking Zion within this world? Simple humans need conflict. if you simply left the matrix and life was good, well you loose the conflict and may see past the illusion. So you give them an objective. in this case that is to destroy the machiens and free the humans of the matrix. When the ones in the zion world start to realize that they are in a matrix, destroy them. there will always be more..
    they said the matrix was a work of art. Art need not be pretty. I personaly fidn a program that can balance and repair itself if something goes wrong is more of a work of art the a pretty picture. the true work of art is that the worlds are balanced. When one gains too much power it is weakened, so balance is kept. When zion start getting to strong and too many people start going there. well you "destroy them" and put them back into the initial matrix and reset what they know so they never rememebr Zion... Rinse and repeat.

    Second idea. when Smith merged with neo <well tried too> this enabled neo to have some kind of link to the machiens and now hes able to feal and attack them from this link <unlikely>
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    i want wookie cookies the Wookie's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    i think neo is part machine, like he absorbed some of the energy from teh sentinals, thats why he went unconcious. none of his other powers (from what we could see) drained him. smith said that a part of him copied to neo, so quite possibly, he is part machine. which could also be why his vision is like it is. the computers in the ships saw the matrix as code, and so did neo

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    ... kermit's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Ok, so I know the movie has been out for a while now, but I just saw it last night and this afternoon. Yow! I am not waiting for the video release of Revolutions. In all this talk, nobody hit the angle of the French dude, and what role he played at least not as much as some of the other angles). After reading everything here, and then watching the movie again, the way I see it is that the architect and the oracle work for the machines (obviously) - in order to keep it all running - but the French dude somehow does not want that to happen - he has been around to see it every time, and now maybe he wants the cycle to stop for some reason? Apparently he knows that Neo is just a puppet for the other two. Anyway, this is like stating the obvious in a sense, so I will be quiet now.

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    Jan 2002
    Why do people get excited about bad movies? The Matrix was a good film, reloaded sucked.

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    Registered User axon's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Originally posted by Brian
    Why do people get excited about bad movies? The Matrix was a good film, reloaded sucked.
    Reloaded didn't had no story. That is why they are releasing revolutions so early. Almost always in a trilogy one of the movies has to be "explanations" and a bit of history. Thats what happened in reloaded...history. Whta makes a moving "good" or interesting is a story line, which reloaded did not have. The Brothers are promissing good story in revolutions, and I will be there to see it


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    Nice job bumping a 5-month old thread....
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