Thread: Webspace (not personal FTP space)

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    Webspace (not personal FTP space)

    hi there, I'm not into making webpages and I'd rather be extremely lazy and not go out and learn how or try to get a webpage manually. I was wondering if anyone has a website that I can post my projects on (to show off to other people). I'd prefer a website that is already dedicated to programming.

    I've already got a personal FTP, but you have to enter a password to get in, and its for developing projects (so I can send it to other developers whom are helping).

    Well, yeah, that is my request.


    i.e my current project right now is a quake3 BSP renderer (I'm implementing collisions as we speak). It'll eventually be turned into a small game called Lanthanide and Actinide.

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    This site also has a code database.
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    not totally online yet, but getting there

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