Thread: Old names?

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    Hillbillie, if you were as smart as Sunlight, you'd be arrogant, too.
    But after viewing his web site a month or three ago I've come
    to the conclusion that he's not really arrogant; he's just
    impatient with people. The whole world was pestering him for help with their programming problems and who knows what else.
    That guy has a lot of irons burning. Hes a musician, a student,
    a scientist, a programmer...
    He gave me a smarty-pants reply to one of my posts during his
    last few days here, and that's pretty much how I thought of him until I saw his website. I don't know him good enough to like or
    dislike him, but as long as he respects me, I'll respect and
    admire him.

    rick barclay
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    Like I always thought you were a cranky old fart wait I still think that!
    Ramble on...

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    >>A picture! A picture, dammit, of the both of you!

    Ramble on...

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    Sunlight ain't all that bad. Impatience and wit meet superbly...
    ...he has very extensive knowledge of software engineering and has to be admired for that.
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    Sunlight one of the greatest programmers, low temper though. Gets annoyed and forsacs everyone, and can't cope. Strangly one of the few people I ever aplogized to.

    If you look at the member list you will find the name sunlight. No post made by that person. The name showed up when both boards were up and there was a discustion about were sunlight went, and someone called them selves sunlight there. I think it is that same person.
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