Thread: Subliminal messages, freaky stuff

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    Subliminal messages, freaky stuff

    (People with weak hearts are warned)

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
    Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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    Thanks Magos. Do you have an address I could send the cleaning bill to?
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    Thump pretty freaky
    "Think not but that I know these things; or think
    I know them not: not therefore am I short
    Of knowing what I ought."
    -John Milton, Paradise Regained (1671)

    "Work hard and it might happen."

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    I believe the first time I saw that was here on cprog... it's been months, and I don't want to watch it again

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    yeah, i friggin posted it and a mod deleted it

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    thats just freaking nasty... lol
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    holy crap... that was freaky... my heart started pounding...
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    Are you people joking, I was sitting there getting mad that it was taking so long, and then those faces appeared. [sarcasm] I was really scared [/sarcasm]

    Your Move:Life is a game, Play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity, capture it.


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    Great merciful crap! I'm never clicking on any links you post from now on!
    Naturally I didn't feel inspired enough to read all the links for you, since I already slaved away for long hours under a blistering sun pressing the search button after typing four whole words! - Quzah

    You. Fetch me my copy of the Wall Street Journal. You two, fight to the death - Stewie

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    1,916 you have your speakers turned on? Because that was fairly scary

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    methodman if you weren't scared by that you aren't brave, you're braindead (or your speakers weren't turned up)

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    lol. That was good.. I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I won't say anything about it.

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    I guess I missed something too, because I wasn't scared at all. Then again I wasn't paying too much attention...

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    It was creepy. You macho-boys can say you weren't scared,
    but nobody believes you. You were too scared. Just admit it.

    My speakers were up very, very loud. And they're not regular
    speakers, either. They're Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 speakers. Yeah,
    THX Certified, baby. Best speakers on the planet. I bought them
    about 14 months ago. I love them so much... I even bought
    myself a black button-up shirt with the "Klipsch" logo on it because
    I was so pleased with them. So, envy me.
    Staying away from General.

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    can we lick you instead? I like licking things. I once went up to this guy in wal mart who was bragging about his new cell phone and I licked him and then he got angry with me and I just said I like licking people that I'm supposed to envy so licking people is good can I lick you ethic please I would like that a lot I dont' know what I"m doing i'm just trying to write a retardedly long message just like you always do so I'm going to lick you now oops hhaah I almost typed 'know' instead of now isn't that funny ok ill stfu now donuts are cool?

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