Thread: Anybody have a good graphics program and 5 minutes?

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    Anybody have a good graphics program and 5 minutes?

    I've finally got around to doing the final design of my web site. Until now it's just had a place-holder page. I don't have a good graphics program just yet - I really need to get one. None of my current programs support transparent colors (and if anybody knows of a free-download one that does, please let me know), and I need to make some corners for my web page to make it look rounded off, so if anybody has got a couple of minutes, I'd really appreciate it.

    Go to this thread. I need a similar thing done, except that I'd like the image to be 20 x 20 pixels, and since I need one for every corner, could you make 4 copies, each one with a different rotation? As mentioned on the other thread, black bg, transparent fg.

    Thanks a lot if someone could do this. Either email me the images or post them here - whatever's easier for you.
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    Paint Shop Pro is a free shareware d/l, I think you can get it on, and it supports transparent gifs, as do most other gif editing programs. Anyway...

    Edit: gah, I'm a moron, I got the URLs wrong
    Edit2: gah, stupid hotlinking's fixed now.
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    If you have a windows system, Paint can handle transparent GIFs. Check under the Image menu.


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