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    Haven't been exposed to Half-Life, yet. I'm thinking may I'll buy
    the game this summer...

    But DOOM 3... Wow! The trailer they're showing at E3 is amazing.
    The game looks very creepy. I just wish I didn't have to upgrade
    so soon to play it (the way it's meant to be played). I bought my
    computer in March 2002 (Geforce 3 ti-200), and already will need
    a new video card.
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    Wait until it's out before upgrading. Even the new FX5900 performs poorly, ~60fps with no AA or AF.
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    i preorderd my copy of HL2 last month, even tho it wont ship till the re;ease date in september.

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    There is a new 600Mb, 25 minute movie of the trailer for Half Life 2 available from fileplanet now. I'm starting to download.
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    I just downloaded the 25min E3 footage from fileshack...

    OMFG!! I'm stunned, it's just so incredible!

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