Thread: Maybe about JAVA?

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    Maybe about JAVA?

    good evening,

    Maybe my topic isn't very proper for this forum, but I really like people here.

    in the webpage above , I can press buttons "Step", "solve" or" New Problem" to run the Floyd Algorithm visually . NOw my question is: I want to save it to my hard disk, and run it in another computer which can NOT be online , I tried it , failed anyone can help me?

    Thank u

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    Ok, so you goto FILE->Save As...->save as complete web page - this will save the page and the files in a separate folder...

    Here's the tricky part - in the source it says - <APPLET CODEBASE="java/floyd" CODE="floyd.class" WIDTH=485 HEIGHT=330></APPLET>

    That's the java applet, u must go in to your internet cache and find this file "floyd.class" put this file in the folder that contains the other files for the webpage - but put it inside that folder in another folder called java and another subfolder called floyd so it's java/floyd directory -- if u don't mimick the site structure exactly the links won't work and you'll have to edit the source to get it to work.

    In Internet Explorer and windows there is an option of Web Archive in the Save As... you can try that but not sure if it will save the java class files that is what you need.
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