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    Originally posted by adrianxw BTW: Walt, you were around in the old UltraBoard days weren't you?
    I was here 3-4 years ago. If those were the days, then yes I was, for a while. Good memory!


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    Originally posted by GoodStuff
    You get two kinds of question posters.

    0. Those who seek enlightment.
    1. Those who don't give a hoot, but want it solved.

    For the second type we are but the programming equivalent of a cheat code. I have no respect for such ones.

    Yep, those are the two types I'd figure on, too. I guess I feel that giving help and no answers to type
    0) very useful
    1) doesn't do their homework for them and they have to ask someone else (like the instructor) or they might actually think about it

    On the other hand, giving the answer to type
    0) is a detriment -- they wanted to learn but half of the learning process is circumvented
    1) is a detriment -- we pass the course, not them (and I passed years ago, I don't wanna do it again ;-)

    Originally posted by RoD
    I give full code when im in the mood or when im afriad that not giving full code will result in 400 "i dont get it" replies and no other way to clarify it.
    I guess I'd rather get a couple "I don't get it" responses before caving in and spoon feeding them. If they still don't get it, they should talk to the instructor, not us.

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