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Thread: What USA lost and gain from the WAR against Iraq?

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    nice try with that one quote. the one where i said its not like all XXXX people are evil and only quoting the all XXXX people are evil.
    ..... don't you realise people can just look at the thread and see what you wrote?
    yes that exactly what i was saying. every single person in france and geremany is evil. its not just a couple people or just the people that run the places.
    I really misrepresented you there....
    this is a great example of why there is no debate and why nobody cares anymore. no progress is ever made
    Right and it has nothing to do with 'oh so intelligent' remarks like:
    gets who made a hell of alot more and who could conquor whos ass.
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    nice try with that one quote.
    *sigh* OK, so you aren't bad at spelling or grammar, but simply a liar ? Everyone can see your post. It's not edited.

    She was so Blonde, she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice can because it said "Concentrate."

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    Look Everyone...

    Originally posted by OneStiffRod
    The End has come...
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    As amusing as the pictures are...

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