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    Sorry, but I don't believe that article is correct. Microsoft is smarter than that. But in any case, if there are computers like that I'll pick the locks, and remove the PC's (OneStiffRod, we can work together!). Oh, and if picking the locks don't work I suppose we could try to kick the .......... out of the box, until pieces of the PC are revealed.
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    and plasma screen on the outside for those waiting in line

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    I propose the theorym that the entire thing is an April fool's joke. If it's not, hold on to your toilet seats. Our bathrooms are going online. Wonder how long it'd be before they put in a webcam as well?

    OTOH, the Internet Fridge is real and that sounded ridiculous too...

    Perhaps MS decided to capitalize on the Internet porn business. I mean, what better place to surf porn?

    Internet fridge, Internet toilet... what next?

    The Internet bed for the terminally lazy! The Internet Dog for the lonely child! Dancing Purple Barney Internet Doll ! Oh, wait, they already made that...


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    According to this recent article, it IS a hoax perpetrated by Microsoft's British division.
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    This just reenforces my opinion that M$ will do anything to make a $0.01. If they are willing to sink that low to sell MSN to the Brits... what are they doing where the anti-trust laws are non-existant? What pieces of Sh17.

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