Thread: If train A leaves the station at 9:30 with a speed of 90mph, and train B...

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    PS: It's weird how you bring up things I haven't mentioned in almost 2 years. Get with the times, ethic. It's my opinion (lol and it's better than yours because I'm cooler lol) that you can't dredge up the past on people. Who cares if I was a jerk 2 years ago? Even I know that much. You're still sore over an argument we had about that long ago."OMG!! He is SOOOO egotistic because he made a thread about getting a new car...BASTARD! I'm going to store this up and type it all out on another dateless night in the future!". Now THAT is sad. Let it go, troll.

    Anyway eth, you're less than a sunshower on a warm summer day driving about in my million dollar Lambourghini Diablo to me...stop trying, kthnxbai.

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    ooook....enough is enough. Closed.

    (Oh and FYI Ethic - I don't drink.)

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